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      1. Service Hotline
        About Us
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          Huabao Electronics Co.,Ltd, is a enterpriese of specially develop, produce sale of the CRT sockets, FFC/FPC CONN(flexible and flat cable connectors), B-TO-B CONN(board to board connectors), BAR CONN (bar connectros)etc. products. The Co. holds a number of high quality technicians and administrative personnel, continually introduces the advanced know-how, prduction equipments and detection instruments from abroad and domestically. The company has passed "ISO9001" Quality Standard System Certification and ISO14001 Certification.
          We are specialized in manufacturing FFC/FPC, B to B, wire to board etc connectors; The product widely apply for Notebook, LCD TV, LCD, Mobile, Medical appliance, Digital camera, Network communication, Sound box, Household electronic appliance, etc.The product are sold to domestic and received high praise from our honored customers with great enthusiasm, Huabao Co. will become the best trustful electronic services company.
          The operating ideas"Quality first,credit first,fine product,strive for progress", the spirit of "make unremittig chase with for the consumer's satisfactory"give you witch high-class products and service.

        Star EnterpriseGrowth EnterprisesAAA GradeGood EntrepreneurISO9001ISO9001ISO14001ISO14001Image Test InstrumentHardness Test InstrumentReflow Soldering Testing MachineHigh Low Temperature InstrumentAutomatic Insertion Force MachinePressinq WorkshopInjection WorkshopCCD TestingMold Processing Workshop 1Mold Processing Workshop 2Mold Processing Workshop 3Automation AssemblyAssembling WorkshopPackage Workshop
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        Add:Shifan Industrial Zone, Hongqiao Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Tel:0086-577-62316222 62312887 Fax:0086-577-62315526 62362368 E-MAIL:dhy@cn-huabao.com
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