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      1. Service Hotline
        Position:Home >> About Us >> Quality

        Quality Policy:
        ·Optimized Management System, Sound Service Network, Meet Customers' Requirements and Create Nanbang Brand Name.
        Quality Target:
        ·Get the certified rate in the inspection of each lot of the parts purchased in up to over 98%.
        ·Get the certified rate in the final once calibration up to over 99%
        ·Control the yearly complaint rate from customers within 3 thousandth.
        ·products sold from the factory with no returns.

        "Getting quality in line with the world standard" is the aim for this Co. to follow. In order to further enhance the product quality and market competitive capacity and promote the quality control to get on a new stage, this Co. applies a scientific and standard operation mode and makes the ISO9001:2000 quality system accredited and covered on the enterprise production, operation and management.
        This Co. has set up a perfect, scientific and effective quality control file system from quality policy, quality manual to the program file of quality system and other quality files and records and carries out effective correcting and pre-protecting measures to perfect the all links concerning quality, including market operation, product design and development, process plan and development, purchase, manufacture, inspection to post-sale service, making the overall quality process in a controlled status all the time.

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