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        Development automotive connectors in China
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          With the development of electronic technology, connector applications in microelectronics, automotive industry and medical industry, more and more noticeable, components getting smaller and smaller, higher density of circuit, transmission speed faster and faster, connector is towards high density, small, thin, combination of, high speed, small batch and variety of pogo pin direction. All these will become connector industry a new growth point.

          Automotive connectors in terms of product cost structure, China is now every car average used connector cost only a few hundred dollars, foreign vehicle connector costs about $125 to 150 dollars in, from see China automotive connector market has great development potential. Every vehicle will use the electronic connector of the 600-1000 to a different type, far greater than the amount of the used today.

          China's future will be expected to become an important production base for future global automotive connectors. In addition to the existing some well-known international manufacturers and other yet to travel to China factory manufacturers will because of increasing demand for local and local sourcing, under the influence of the factors such as cost advantages gradually in China established production bases to supply local auto parts manufacturers required. China automotive connector industry in the future, will be foreign enterprises and local enterprises in China very competitive market!

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