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        The development of industrial connector in 21st Century
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          The 21st century as the era of intelligent industrial, all equipment are to the smart of development direction, connectors between the various kinds of equipment and equipment, components and components between plays a connecting, to be blocked in a circuit or isolated circuit between, erects the communication bridge from the current circulation. The advent of the era of the smart industry, but also to bring opportunities for industrial connectors, especially in the field of industrial automation, robotics and motor control. An important core advantage of the industrial connector in the smart industrial era is that it can provide a solution for the distributed control system. So-called distributed control system, usually with a human machine interface (HMI) human machine and human control and monitoring system, using the communication network connection, via the Internet connected to programmable controller. Then, the controller through the field bus connection to automation operation involves different elements, such as actuators, electric motors, sensors, switches and valves.

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